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I was active in the world of scientific research for much of my early-career, although my doctoral degree remains unfinished. My focus was on uncovering and understanding the impact of biological markers associated with psychotic-spectrum illnesses, and on understanding the prodromal (at-risk) state for developing psychosis -- specifically, trying to understand what differentiates those who go from being at-risk to becoming fully psychotic, and ultimately aiming to conduct research to develop interventions to reduce the incidence of psychotic-spectrum illnesses.

While my past work as a researcher/clinical scientist-in training is not directly relevant to my work as a massage therapist, it helps to show that I am fully comfortable working with clients at all levels of psychiatric functioning, and that I have an understanding of the research process, the limitations of research, and a deep understanding of the human body and mind. 

LINE1 insertions as a genomic risk factor for schizophrenia: Preliminary evidence from an affected family 

Various neurocognitive deficits and conversion risk in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis

Semantic coherence in psychometric schizotypy: An investigation using Latent Semantic Analysis

If any researchers are interested in conducting further studies on massage therapy and biomarkers, or on massage therapy and symptoms of psychiatric illnesses, I would be interested in discussing collaboration. 

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