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Benefits of Massage

Massage can help to manage a number of health issues, and is known anecdotally to promote relaxation and help to relieve pain. Although one article is not sufficient to prove any given effect, and the individuals participating in any given study may be different from you (which may limit the generalization of any given study), I am attaching links to abstracts of scientific articles associated with each claimed benefit of massage.

This will give you the opportunity to evaluate the evidence-based research associated with benefits of massage. Although some of these studies aren't placebo controlled, they provide evidence that massage has measurable effects on the human mind and body (and hopefully they will provide a foundation for further studies!). Massage has the potential to:

If you suffer from pain, anxiety, stress, reduced range of motion, certain psychiatric symptoms, or athletic injuries and think you'd benefit from massage, text me (845-271-9612) to book a session! 


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